Network Solution Optioneering

Using Innvoyze's ICM software, we can design solutions for any flooding or pollution problems predicted on your network, and assess the viability of these solution using historical and synthetic rainfall events.

Our Solutions Include:

  • SUDS - Surface Water Seperation Solutions
  • Network Utilisation - Diverting flows around the network increasing network efficency
  • Sewer Upsizing
  • Smart Solutions Utilising Real Time Control
  • Pumped Storage Solutions

Sewer Model Bulid

As well as updating hydraulic wastewater networks, we also specialise in creating brand new models, either replacing older models or developing new ones in previously unmodelled areas and areas of new development.

Working with clients and stakeholders, we manage flow surveys and asset surveys to increase confidence in the accuracy of the wastewater network we are modelling.

Sewer Model Verification

Confidence in any predictions made by a hydraulic model fully depend on the accuracy of the model representation. To ensure wastewater models are accurately predicting what happens in the sewer network, wastewater models are verified and assessed before they can be used with a high degree of confidence.

We have significant experience in model verification, allowing us to gain more confidence in model predicted flooding and pollution events.

We organise and manage surveys using 3rd party specialists to provide us with the details required to improve model accuracy.

2D Analysis

To understand more complicated overland hydraulic interactions we can produce 2D models which simulate both the flow of water overland and in the sewer network.

We create ground level models for this and using Innovyze ICM run rainfall simulations or historical rainfall events to help us understand the hydraulic interactions, above and below ground.

Pollution Mitigation

We use our hydraulic models to assess where discharges to receiving water bodies occur, their frequency and in what return period storm event.

Pollution Mitigation Assessments comprise of several stages, including scoping, site visits, modelling assessment, solution development and reporting.

Sewer Network Impact Assessment

Changes to any urban landscape can impact the hydraulics of flows passing through the landscape and sewer systems. We can provide a detailed analysis of the impact of network or environmental changes to the catchment.

Impact Assessment can include:

  • Development Impact Assessments - Commercial and Non Commercial
  • Sewer Modification Impacts
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Updates and Modifications
  • Increased Urban Run-off from Development Creep and Urbanization of Greenfield Areas
  • Drain and Sewer Blockages

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