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We at Caley Water believe that they key to success is based around people and fostering relationships which allow us to deliver projects in partnership with our clients. We take time to engage with our clients and customers, fully understanding their needs to ensure the best project outcomes. We've worked with both UK and International clients and are eager to expand our services throughout the UK and into the international domain.

Being based in Edinburgh, Scotland, our biggest client is Scottish Water, and we work with Scottish Water to ensure their wastewater and clean water networks are performing as efficiently as possible. We carry out a number of modelling activities on behalf of Scottish water using InfoWorks ICM and also InfoWorks CS. As well as working directly for Scottish Water, we partner with other environmental engineering companies to produce solutions and increase efficiencies for Scottish Water and other British Water Companies.
Outside of the UK, in North America, we have also partnered with Canadian company, Associated Engineering, where we used InfoWorks ICM to help improve the efficiency of the Toronto Wastewater network.

If you're interesting in working with Caley Water, please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can assist you.

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